产品售出 2 年内无人为损坏,由于产品质量问题造成无法正常使用免费更换,运费由客户 承担。
Products can replace free within two years after sale if it cannot use due to the quality problems, in the precondition of non-artificial damage. The freight was borne by the customer.
保修期限为 10 年,保修期内按照使用说明书正常使用情况下,产品发生故障或者损 坏, 我司予以免费维修或更换。保修期后进行终身的有偿维护,主要涉及电源及核心部件 的更换或维修。
The warranty time is 10 years. Within Warranty period, if under the usage of instruction sheet, any product broken or damage, we will offer the repair service for free or replace for free. Beside the warranty days, we continue to provide life-long maintenance services mainly for the power supply and some core components.
Even if within the warranty period, if the following occurs, certain maintenance costs will be charged.
The malfunction and damaged caused by incorrect use, the unauthorized repairs and alteration.
The damage caused by fire, flood, abnormal voltage, other natural disasters and secondary product damage.
The product malfunction caused by the fall and transportation failures after purchase.
The product malfunction caused by Not in accordance with the user manual operation.
The malfunction and damaged caused by the other barriers (man-made factors or external device).
Free replace during the warranty period, please be sure to fill out the "warranty card" correctly.
For repairs beyond the warranty period, we will provide spare parts for repair purposes and only charge for this type of parts The cost of this.
以上所有事项所涉及的运费均由客户承担,我司负责维修和提供配件。 All the above related freight are to be borne by the customer, we are responsible for the maintenance and provision of accessories.
Any problems in the after-sales service, please contact our agents or us directly
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