Xu aokui: Founder, chairman and general manager of Nantong Ningyuan Automation Technology Co., Ltd. Former founder, chairman, general manager, and chief engineer of Xinghai Energy, with many years of management experience in large-scale enterprise, Aokui Xu is a high-level expert of Li-ion battery technology, quality and manufacture in China.The Lateral Drainage Technology, which is dominantly developed by him, has solved high current charging and discharging issues of high-capacity cylindrical battery, with patents, technology, equipment forming an organic whole is exported to German ECC, large state-owned companies in the Middle East, Zhongtian Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. and others. He has now applied for more than 88 patents, 19 invention publicities. Authorized: 8 patents for invention, 58 utility models, 5 exterior designs.
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