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  • Product details

    Parameter specification of solar inverter

    Power specification


    Rated voltage specification



    Operating voltage range (normal working battery voltage)

    10v-16v (DC12V power supply)
    20v-32v (DC24V power supply)
    40V-64V (DC48V power supply)
    60V-96V (DC72V power supply)

    Low voltage warning (when the battery voltage is too low, the buzzer rings to remind the user)

    10.5Vdc + 0.3vdc (12V power supply)
    21.0Vdc + 0.6vdc (24V power supply)
    42.0Vdc + 1.2Vdc (48V power supply)
    63.0 VDC + 1.8 VDC (72V power supply)

    Low-voltage power off (shutdown when the battery is too low)

    10.0Vdc ± 0.3Vdc (12V power supply)
    20.0Vdc ± 0.6Vdc (24V power supply)
    40.0Vdc ± 1.2Vdc (48V power supply)
    60.0Vdc ± 1.8Vdc (72V power supply)

    Low-voltage recovery (battery voltage is restored to normal, automatically boot)

    12.0Vdc ± 0.3Vdc (12V power supply)
    24.0Vdc ± 0.3Vdc (24V power supply)
    48.0Vdc ± 0.3Vdc (48V power supply)
    72.0Vdc ± 0.3Vdc (72V power supply)

    High voltage warning and power failure (battery voltage is too high, the buzzer sounds, and shut down)

    16Vdc ± 0.3Vdc (12V power supply)
    32Vdc ± 0.6Vdc (24V power supply)
    64Vdc ± 1.2Vdc (48V power supply)
    96Vdc ± 1.8Vdc (72V power supply)

    High-voltage recovery (battery high voltage, down to normal, automatically boot)

    15.5Vdc ± 0.3Vdc (12V power supply)
    31.0Vdc ± 0.6Vdc (24V power supply)
    62.0Vdc ± 1.2Vdc (48V power supply)
    93.0Vdc ± 1.8Vdc (72V power supply)

    Inverter efficiency


    DC priority type, when there is a utility bypass, the battery low voltage transition point (the battery is lower than this voltage, to the mains supply)

    11Vdc ± 0.3Vdc (12V power supply)
    22Vdc ± 0.6Vdc (24V power supply)
    44Vdc ± 1.2Vdc (48V power supply)
    66Vdc ± 1.8Vdc (72V power supply)

    DC priority, to mains power supply, low battery recovery point (battery charge to higher than this voltage, back to battery power supply)

    13.5Vdc ± 0.3Vdc (12V power supply)
    27.0Vdc ± 0.6Vdc (24V power supply)
    54.0Vdc ± 1.2Vdc (48V power supply)
    81.0Vdc ± 1.8Vdc (72V power supply)

    AC input specification

    Rated voltage specification

    220VAC system

    110VAC system

    Input voltage waveform

    Sine wave (mains or generator)

    Sine wave (mains or generator)

    Rated input voltage



    Low voltage shutdown point



    Low pressure recovery point

    195Vac ±4%

    90Vac ±4%

    High voltage shutdown point



    High pressure recovery point



    Municipal charging rules

    Three stages:Constant current charge (constant current stage)→constant pressure charging (constant pressure stage)→floating charge (constant pressure stage)

    Efficiency of municipal power supply


    Conversion time (AC to DC)


    Conversion time (DC to AC)


    AC output specifications

    Rated output voltage (V)



    Output voltage range

    ±10% rms

    Rated output frequency (Hz)

    50Hz ± 0.3Hz/60Hz ± 0.3Hz

    Power factor


    Output waveform

    Pure sine wave

    Waveform distortion rate (THD)

    ≤3% (linear load)

    Dynamic response (0 ~ 100%)


    Peak coefficient (CF)


    Overload protection (SMPS load)

    (Load> 150%) ± 10%: Disconnect the output voltage after 20 seconds

    Other instructions

    Continuous running time


    Normal boot empty consumption

    ≤ rated power × 2.5%

    Energy-saving mode empty consumption


    Safety certificate

    CE(EN62040-1) EMC :EN62040-2, C2

    Communication Interface

    RS232 / (or customize other)

    Cool down

    Temperature-controlled variable speed fan cooling (under ventilation)

    Noise (dB, 1 meter)


    Ambient temperature (℃)


    Storage temperature (℃)


    Use the environment humidity

    0-95% relative humidity (no condensation)

    Use altitude (m)

    ≤5000 (more than 1000 meters, derating use)

    Display method

    LED indicator + LCD liquid crystal display

    Warning method

    Buzzer sound warning

    Protective function

    Low voltage protection, high voltage protection, high temperature protection, short circuit protection, leakage protection, overcurrent protection, overload protection, low voltage recovery, high voltage recovery, intelligent temperature control, fault warning

    Degree of protection

    IP20 / accept customization


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