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Solar power generation can supply power to the load and can be integrated into the power grid. The operation is simple and convenient. The flexible installation system is reliable and the structure is simple.

Working principle:

Photovoltaic grid-connected inverters must be connected to the grid. It cannot work when the grid is disconnected. The output of the PV grid-connected inverters must be connected to the grid after the detection of grid conditions. Due to the need to send power to the grid, it must be connected to the grid when the phase, frequency, and voltage are consistent with the grid. After the inverter is reversed, the utility power is preferentially supplied to the household load, and then the battery is supplied. After the power is fully charged, excess power is incorporated into the commercial power.


Grid-connected photovoltaic power generation There are centralized large-scale grid-connected photovoltaic power stations that are generally state-level power stations. The main feature is that the generated power can be directly transferred to the power grid, and the grid can be uniformly deployed to supply power to users. However, this kind of power station has a large investment, a long construction period, and a large area, but it has not yet achieved much development. Decentralized small-scale grid-connected photovoltaics, especially photovoltaic building integrated photovoltaic power generation, are the mainstream of grid-connected photovoltaic power generation due to their advantages of small investment, quick construction, small footprint, and large-scale policy support.


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