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Xu aokui: Founder, chairman and general manager of Nantong Ningyuan Automation Technology Co., Ltd. Former founder, chairman, general manager, and chief engineer of Xinghai Energy, with many years of management experience in large-scale enterprise, Aokui Xu is a high-level expert of Li-ion battery technology, quality and manufacture in China.The Lateral Drainage Technology, which is dominantly developed by him, has solved high current charging and discharging issues of high-capacity cylindrical battery, with patents, technology, equipment forming an organic whole is exported to German ECC, large state-owned companies in the Middle East, Zhongtian Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. and others. He has now applied for more than 88 patents, 19 invention publicities. Authorized: 8 patents for invention, 58 utility models, 5 exterior designs.    Wang huaping : Technical director of Nantong Ningyuan Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the technical talents who early engaged in lithium battery industry in China. Huaping Wang is involved in a number of international projects of the company. He has a unique opinion on the battery cell PACK process. His main research direction: the battery positive electrodes process, lithium iron phosphate stirring process, the battery cell PACK process.    Wang yuxin : Deputy General Manager, Sales Director of Nantong Ningyuan Automation Technology Co., Ltd. He was one of the founders of Beijing Mainland Taiji Battery Co., Ltd., and had successively served as office director, Material Production manager, Battery Production director, National 863 Project comprehensive office director of Nantong Ningyuan Automation Technology Co., Ltd., deputy general manager, National 863 Project comprehensive office director of Boda Battery Co., Ltd., general manager of Beijing Tianlu Energy Technology Co., Ltd., and chief engineer of Beijing OuManDe Technology Co., Ltd.. Yuxin Wang has participated in and organized setup, research and development of National 863 Electric Vehicle major special projects of Li-ion battery for many times, and has made significant achievements. He is one of the outstanding managers in China's Li-ion battery industry, holding a patent for invention.

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